A brand for you if you’ve got an oeuvre for the mod. Paramita has stores all over Spain and on this trip, I spotted their shops in Seville, Granada and Barcelona.  Another bonus for the brand, they are open during Spain’s interminable Siesta–a fact of life that cuts down on valuable shopping time.

The distinctly Spanish vision of Paramita reminds me of Dali or Picasso. The clothing is used as a canvas with bold splashes of color, quirky lines and dynamic shapes, inter-playing as if it was made to be work of art.

However, these items should be used as an accent to an ensemble, not as an entire outfit. I also recommend the purses, which are a good bargain.  On this trip, I bought a saucy tennis dress that can double as a sundress in black with dramatic swoops, green tendrils, and a pair of juicy red lips on the hem. 

Check out their site for yourself–StyleChica


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