Environmental Fashion

This title may be misleading. When I use the words Environmental Fashion, I’m talking about how when there is a synthesis between what you wear and your climate, temperature, light ratio and terrain.  It sounds very scientific, but actually, its a wonderful way to look fresh and a la mode.

For example in Seville, I noticed women wore lots of bold colors: strong, toro-like, red dresses, saturated yellow sundresses as delicious as a Starburst; startling cobalt blue, like the color of the ocean right at the edge of the horizon.  The fabrics blew in the breeze: light linen, sheer cotton, silk and satin. It matched the environment perfectly.  In Seville, the earth is chalky and red, the sunlight filled with heat, the foliage green underneath layers of dust. 

The next thing I knew, I was buying blousy white cotton shirts at Mango. But it seemed like a perfect idea at the time.

So if you live in Prague, please wear those funny little fur hats and swingy coats. In New York? Lots of sleek, built for speed attire. LA? Jeans and tees, cotton and desert wear. And Spain? Ruffles actually work here. 


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