Nacho Libre (Lucha Vavoom)

If men in odd masks throwing one another across the stage and women peeling off layers of cheap fabric and tawdry lace to reveal cellulite pocked thighs appeals to you, head down to the Mayan Theater in downtown L.A.

This is one of the most unusual shows that StyleChica has ever attended. I’d like to call it WWF with a Mexican twist. The cast of characters is positively Hemingway-esque.  There is the gigantic female producer in a black tank top cruising around the stage and pumping her her fire hydrant-sized arms up and down.  There are six bald security guys in black, moving people out of the way when the wrestlers jump off the ring and into the crowd. When the wrestlers jump into the pit, folding chairs scatter and people jump out of the way. For some reason, StyleChica was in the pit. There are "little people" who wrestle, and some guy whose name is Little Pirate in Spanish (Piratino? Spelling?), who has a series of skulls on the side of his stretched out wresting pants that really remind me of a pair of pajamas my little brother used to have in the 80s.  Then there is Mystico, the hot wrestler (I guess). Although, you never know for sure because he’s got a white mask on.  If a wrestler looses his mask, it’s like they’ve taken his manhood. There are also a lot of cross dressing wrestlers.

In between the wresting acts, there are Burlesque strip teases. And the guy who emcees the show is the voice of Sponge Bob.



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