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I have one fan and he’s in prison.

Just received my second fan letter from the same fellow in prison. Prison letters have a cell block printed on them and a little stamp on the back with State Penitentiary on it. Don’t really have the nerve to open it this time, but the last one was a set of poems in Spanish with lots of "Y amores" in them followed by the word "prison."  Yowza.



Montana is the antithesis of style. But in a way, that makes it even cooler. Lazy Bald_eagle Bearsinatree afternoons surrounded by hunters and fishermen. Cruising down a sluggish river in late August, startling bears out of their afternoon snacks, watching birds of prey hunker down to snap at some white fish they’ve just released from their powerful talons.  I love the smell of pine and the sound of water rushing over stones. Its amazing because you stop and listen you think its so quiet there, but after a few moments, the sounds are as intense as the big city, only filled with the clucks and hisses of mother nature. 

Mink Fishy1 Montana_meadow River_otters

Ima robot

I just love them. They have this one song about "trickiness" that I can’t seem to find.

Another Cool Fashion Blog

New York-centric, but awfully fun. 
Once I get my new camera, you will see more posts like his!



Another brilliant store. Dangerous. I repeat, dangerous.  This one is chock full of stylists that will show you how to spin your outfits for fall, and also try to sell you $800 Lanvin boots.  "You should really consider it," the saleswoman told me, "There actually quite reasonable."

After I stopped hyperventilating, I really did consider it (for about a nanosecond) and then recovered my senses. 

But perhaps you can afford more than me…


Secret Shopping!

If you are in LA and want to be taken to a wonderful, zany vintage store, where the dresses can run as low as $30, let me know. The owner is quite paranoid about journalists and publicity, so if you are one, best to take on a fake persona. Last visit for me was quite dangerous: two hours and five dresses later, I now have a sweater dress, backless pink eighties number, orange 60s shift dress, white Nurse Ratched outfit, and a 1950s Joan Crawford-style gown, that I’m not sure where I can wear. Its a full-length dress with an bold art deco pattern all over it and large bell shaped kimono sleeves. I need a long cigarette holder to complete the look.  Sigh. 

Five things I like about ballet

Excellent response from NYT. I really like this back and forth thing we’ve got going here.