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Trovata-New York Fashion Week

The design team at Trovata garners it’s share of accolades. Last year they won the Vogue Fashion Fund Award–a big deal in this industry.

However, they’ve got a few quirks. Their HQ’s are in Orange County, which has always struck me as unbelievably odd. Although they claim to be surfer dudes, extreme skiers and musicians, their clothes seem more Nantucket than Newport Beach.

Girls are decked out in cheeky military-style wrap dresses, buttons on sleeves are oversized, and telegrams are printed on the inside of cuffs. Cotton shorts are paired with large canvas bangs and boho flats with bangles. Pants are mid-calf and cuffed.   

The clothes may be cute, but I think that the strength of Trovata lies in their marketing.  With every season they present a cohesive overarching concept. This year it was the "Duboce Estate Sale" which meant that odd aquatic paraphernalia was plunked around the models and a Brazilian band played catchy street music. Rum punch was the drink du jour.

Trovata always evokes a mood; they may not be couture, but you always feel cool. -Stylechica

Trovata_booey_shot_1 Ballet_flats_detail_1

Trovata_rope_group_shot Trovata_detail_sandal_flats





Sample Sale–Los Angeles!

Event Begins: 

Ron Herman 50 Percent off everything sale this weekend!

Worth a look, they’ve got all sorts of designers.


Event Ends:  10/15/2006
Event Times:  Mon-Sat 10am-7pm
Sun 12pm-6pm
Location:  8100 Melrose Ave.
(at Crescent Heights)
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 651-4129

Nikki Sixx and Eric Bana

Check out my articles from this weekend. I’m proud of the Nikki Sixx piece. -Stylechica

Nikki Sixx:,1,7378283.story?coll=la-headlines-magazine

Eric Bana:,1,1084590.story?coll=la-headlines-magazine

Sample Sale

If you can make it, check out this sample sale in Los Angeles tomorrow…Lots of LA Designers!

Vera Wang

Vera Wang topped my list of favorites this season. Ballet inspired, right down to the bar at the back of the runway, models came out dressed in soft chiffon layers, ruched satin and metallic brocades. Her work in volume was diaphanous and played with the soft silhouettes of the Spring season. Look for more riffs on the Balanciaga bubble tops, delicate pleats at the bust, and lots of Japanese avant garde influences.  Delicious and daring. Wang came out at the end of the show wiping away tears. It was an emotional end–fitting for such emotive clothes. 


Vera_wang2 Note the ballet flats.

Jeremy Scott New York Fashion Week

Angeleno Jeremy Scott showed his anti-war side with a collection that mixed avant garde with wearability. Micky Mouse hats and combat boots made me think of Man Ray and Moschino. The collection consisted of knitwear, bathing suits, simple dresses and evening gowns in bold war-inspired prints such as barbed wire and the US Constitution.  I especially liked the column gowns at the end of the show: one had with two capitol buildings covering the model’s breasts, another used helicopter propellers.  Bathing suits were splashed with Scott’s take on the dollar bill. It was capitalism and violence all the way–with a little Disney idealism thrown in for good measure. Jeremy_scott_bears_shot

Check out those army caps and cuddly bears.

Js_barbed_wire_male_look Barbed Wire always makes a statement.

Js_cute_swim_suite_patternjpg I didn’t notice any overt political statement with this outfit. I just liked the cut and print.

Js_dollar_bill_bag Dollar bill bags. Hot or not?

Js_dollar_bill_swim_suit Money talks, especially when plastered across a great set of abs. 


Js_micky_mouse_ears_and_cape_example I think I used to get this outfit when I went to Disneyland in the 80s.

Js_phone_dress Call me

Jsthe_captiol_dressjpg Capitol protection

Js_the_designer The designer 

Vena Cava New York Fashion Week

The Vena Cava girls have real talent. Born and bred in Los Angeles, they’ve taken their sartorial skills East and are getting their fair share of buzz. The two girls were nominated for the Vogue Fashion Fund award this year (Previous winners include hot to trot label Trovata). Here are a few shots of their fun sun-dresses with unusual patterns and quirky tailoring. Perfect for LA girls who like to look modern, fresh and clean–big trends for the spring.


Venacava_image Venacavasp07_2