Vena Cava New York Fashion Week

The Vena Cava girls have real talent. Born and bred in Los Angeles, they’ve taken their sartorial skills East and are getting their fair share of buzz. The two girls were nominated for the Vogue Fashion Fund award this year (Previous winners include hot to trot label Trovata). Here are a few shots of their fun sun-dresses with unusual patterns and quirky tailoring. Perfect for LA girls who like to look modern, fresh and clean–big trends for the spring.


Venacava_image Venacavasp07_2


2 responses to “Vena Cava New York Fashion Week

  1. Hey HEY hey, Elizabeth!

    Awesome blog! I am leanring so much about fashion from you. Keep up the great work.


  2. Thanks for taking me to that party where I was able to oggle the models. Honestly, I was rather unimpressed, I mean, without a proper physical I can’t say for sure that any of them were actually women.

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