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It’s totally addictive; especially for those of us who love literature.



It looks as though Trovata is splintering.

From Jeff:

Hi everyone,

First, as you may have heard, Sam and I have decided to step down from our daily responsibilities at Trovata, effective at year-end.  It’s been an exciting and successful few years, but we feel it’s time for us to go in a different direction.

Sam and I are happy to announce that we will be launching a new men’s and women’s contemporary brand for Spring 2008.  Details on the collections as well as updated contact info will be sent in the coming months.  We are very excited about this opportunity!

We are grateful to have met so many amazing individuals (you included).  Thank you so much for supporting us over the years!  We hope to earn your continued support in the years ahead.


It will be interesting to see how what the next season will be like. Jeff, in my opinion,  is the heart and soul of the brand…

Children’s Coats

Apparently the big hip thing these days is to wear kids three-quarter length coats, pushed up at the sleeves and tight at the chest. A photo of my latest purchase coming shortly.


More Places to Shop

A crazy weekend of sample shopping. I perused the vendors at ZIP, a boutique on 3rd Street, east of downtown. There is a a cute little neighborhood cropping up there with an art supply store and a funky coffee shop that proudly displays a "B" grade for hygiene. 

I bought a few Kim White handbags and finally viewed the lovely Chan Luu jewelry. They have some beautiful charms of white doves made of a soft soapy looking stone hanging from a gold chain. 

I’ve got another store to recommend today: Media Noche, 1200N. Alvarado St. Los Angeles, CA 90026


Brand new, very cute…

Media Noche, a brand new boutique on

Sonya Ooten Jewelry Designer

Sonya Ooten had an open house to display her jewelry at her pretty all-white store on Larchmont Boulevard in the Hancock Park area. The store is filled with white shelves and white bins housing her semi-precious stones.

Her work is rather dainty: she does a lot of crocheted gold and semi-precious stones. Lots of clusters of turquoise–very beachy. She also showed me a necklace called a "diamond sliver" (I believe) which is a slice of a non-perfect diamond, "it looks like a diamond with a fingerprint on it," she said. The clear slice, with a misty imprint inside is held in a gold frame and hung from a tiny gold chain. 

I also spoke with a petite blond woman who is apparently an actress on CSI. She had no idea what publication I worked for and I had no idea who she was, so we had a remarkably normal conversation. Then she was whisked away to talk to a woman from US Weekly.  I don’t envy the US Weekly reporters job, but I do envy her salary. 

Here is a link to Sonya Ooten’s site.