Sonya Ooten Jewelry Designer

Sonya Ooten had an open house to display her jewelry at her pretty all-white store on Larchmont Boulevard in the Hancock Park area. The store is filled with white shelves and white bins housing her semi-precious stones.

Her work is rather dainty: she does a lot of crocheted gold and semi-precious stones. Lots of clusters of turquoise–very beachy. She also showed me a necklace called a "diamond sliver" (I believe) which is a slice of a non-perfect diamond, "it looks like a diamond with a fingerprint on it," she said. The clear slice, with a misty imprint inside is held in a gold frame and hung from a tiny gold chain. 

I also spoke with a petite blond woman who is apparently an actress on CSI. She had no idea what publication I worked for and I had no idea who she was, so we had a remarkably normal conversation. Then she was whisked away to talk to a woman from US Weekly.  I don’t envy the US Weekly reporters job, but I do envy her salary. 

Here is a link to Sonya Ooten’s site.


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