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Loch Nessy

This is the funniest press release I have ever received!

Friday 30 March 2007


Has the Loch Ness Monster finally been evicted by a Crocodile (and not one
from Dundee!)?

Recent sightings of a large object in Loch Ness are nothing new but a recent
rush of shocked tourists telling of what they have seen along the shores of
Loch Ness have generated a tide of speculation and wonder in the area.

Several reports of a large unidentified creature seen wading along the Loch
edge below the Lip’O’Flora viewpoint (the place where Flora MacDonald helped
Rob Roy MacGregor escape the English redcoats) near the present day Clansman
Hotel have proven to be true. Much as some locals might wish it to be The
Loch Ness Monster, it is believed to be a large Floridian crocodile
(Crocodylus acutus).

It is thought the reptile may be native to southern Florida and has simply
drifted along the path of the Atlantic Gulf Stream before finding its new
home in Scotland, or be yet another legacy from the British Pet Animals Act
of 1951, which saw the release into the wild of many exotic animals by
owners who did not have the facilities to be licensed as responsible ‘pet’
keepers or traders.

The fact that the temperature in Loch Ness has been steadily increasing in
recent years as a result of global warming has ensured the Loch now plays
host to a plethora of once unthought of flora and fauna. The recent
discovery by Prof Laoli of Milan University of a vibrant coral reef and the
fact the Loch has hot deep-water geological fissures at its depths makes it
not surprising that we can now add ‘crocodile’ to the list of new Scottish

The crocodile which is now part of the landscape has been named Giblean
Amhlair, the ancient Scots name given for a mysterious animal of the deep.

At first the solitary croc (and so far only one has been seen) stayed in the
water at a fair distance from the shore, but now is regularly coming on to
land and quite readily allows the more confident, including local children,
to pat him.

Officials from south Florida are thought to be arranging to travel to Loch
Ness over the weekend to establish whether the great Giblean Amhlair is a
native of Florida. If so, the decision will then need to be made as to
whether the lonesome croc will be repatriated to the USA – something the
locals at Loch Ness have said they will not allow (echoing the Elian
Gonzalez case of 2000).

Photographs of the crocodile at play have been taken by Fraser Campbell, the
manager of the nearby Clansman Hotel at Brackla



Gen Art Friday

I checked out the Gen Art Show on Friday and brought three friends (a VC, a lawyer and a computer programmer) in tow.

They just stood in a corner and asked, "Who are these people?" Hell if I know.

There are always masses of people who seem super excited to be there, but are clearly completely unattached to the product (kind of like my three friends). Sponsors often get tons of tickets. 

I thought that the show was fantastic this year. I prefer this venue to the Santa Monica Airport; it’s smaller and more contained.



The French born designer created lots of austere looks with an architectural bent. I especially liked these high waisted super short shorts. I suspect that high waisted will be HUGE in the fall. The clothes were wearable and played with shape and form. A very clean controlled collection.


Mintee: I’ve been interested in this designer for a while. I know that she also has a handbag collection. Mintee Kalra’s got major cred with a degree from Central St. Martins (where Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen studied). I thought the clothes were clever and worked nicely with dimension and texture. Many of her dresses were embellished with large stones creating a topographical effect. Her clothes are a bit more dressy than Alms and very feminine.


Hazel Brown: Sadly, I can’t say much about these clothes because the lighting was so low I had a hard time making out fabrics textures and shapes. Also the women sat a lot in the installation, which meant that it was hard to make out silhouettes and fit. However, the installation did channel an interesting mood, I kept thinking of Hansel and Gretel and witches, but perhaps that’s just the name. I’ve always thought that the name Hazel reminded me of a witch! (Sorry Julia Roberts!) 

Los Angeles Fashion Week, the unnoficial launch

Los Angeles Fashion Week debuted in a rather unofficial way this Thursday at the Cory Lynn Calter Show located in sort of a no-man’s land between the 101 and the 5. The turnout was small but of exclusive, lots of little it-girl fashioniastas, notably 16 year-old Cory Kennedy, who has a column in Nylon, and walked around clutching a wine glass between two fingers. I also spotted party guru Brian Rabin who I mistook for Jared Leto to a friend of his, who promised to pass on my "wonderful"mistake. The clothes were sort of bookish Audrey Hepburn with in Funny Face style. Mod minis, bubble dresses, lots of jumpers over blouses, really cute. Every season she seems to get better.

Francisco Costa

Francesco_costa Tonight I went to a lecture sponsored by the Otis College of Art and Design. Sounds lame, but it’s not.

The fashion program has a highly touted mentorship program where well-respected designers teach a class (often remotely) of seniors. Otis throws a big bash at the end of the year where the kids show off their designs: full fashion show, the works, it’s actually really good and really bling.

Calvin Klein’s Creative Director Francisco Costa is a mentor this year.

Rosemary Brantley interviewed him, talk-show style, about everything from his youth in Brazil where his sisters wore "very simple things, lot’s of white" to his voyage to New York where he studied at Hunter College (he didn’t speak English), to FIT (he was a continuing Ed. student until he got a scholarship), to working for Bill Blass, then Oscar de la Renta, then for Tom Ford at Gucci, then back to NYC to be the Senior Designer and later Creative Director for Calvin Klein. Phew! That’s a lot.

Costa struck me as a gentle man. He admitted that loved working with fabric and hated being with people at parties, press things…"not things like these!"

He also gave out a couple zingers like, "The fashion world is awful" and the most important characteristic for success is "persistence."

Afterward Elle Magazine sponsored cocktails and grub and lots of rich woman who wore his clothes crowded around him. The cute little fashion students where everywhere too, wearing lots of opaque red tights and sporting messy hair.


What’s In

People are always asking me what’s in, which is strange since I think fashion is so subjective. If you’ve got great attitude and a sense of confidence, I think anything can look cool.

That being said, there are definitely obvious trends right now for spring.  Metalics, yeah–they are everywhere. Some of my favorites are the metalic belts and shoes. I bought a 70s metalic belt made out of little goldish scales attached to an elastic band that is really funky looking. Also I’ve got a pair of gold gladiator sandals that I also purchased at the same unnamed vintage store. They look rather costume-y, but really fun. Other stuff: Well I think that a modern silouette and clean looking shapes seem very fresh right now.

For fall, one of the neatest trends I picked up on at NYC fashion week was the overblown polka dot. Often the dots were done on brocade, crocheted or incorporated metalic elements. The polka dot has become bigger, a bit sixties mod-ish, but then the metalic and sharp silouettes make it new and interesting. Check them out…



Tuleh (okay so they are not quite dots)


Jill Stuart






My 2000-word piece about the design team Rodarte debuted in West Magazine this Sunday. It was a lot of fun to write. I found the two sisters, Laura and Kate, to be marvelously creative, generous with their time, and talented to boot. It’s a lot harder to write about something when you think that it sucks. Let me explain–there are times when you review a ballet or a designer and you know that your personal taste differs.  That’s not a problem, because you can see the merits of their techniques and how their work appeals to a certain audience. The worst is when someone has plenty of hype, but little tangible talent.

A journalist must try to skin the hype from an artist’s product and analyze the essence of their work. It’s not easy, I try to be as fair as I possibly can.,1,1179945.story?coll=la-headlines-west



I love Goodreads. Its a site when you can keep track of what books you’ve read and see what you’re friends are reading. Lots and lots of fun. It also has a widget for your blogs and myspace. Check it out! Add your friends too..