What’s In

People are always asking me what’s in, which is strange since I think fashion is so subjective. If you’ve got great attitude and a sense of confidence, I think anything can look cool.

That being said, there are definitely obvious trends right now for spring.  Metalics, yeah–they are everywhere. Some of my favorites are the metalic belts and shoes. I bought a 70s metalic belt made out of little goldish scales attached to an elastic band that is really funky looking. Also I’ve got a pair of gold gladiator sandals that I also purchased at the same unnamed vintage store. They look rather costume-y, but really fun. Other stuff: Well I think that a modern silouette and clean looking shapes seem very fresh right now.

For fall, one of the neatest trends I picked up on at NYC fashion week was the overblown polka dot. Often the dots were done on brocade, crocheted or incorporated metalic elements. The polka dot has become bigger, a bit sixties mod-ish, but then the metalic and sharp silouettes make it new and interesting. Check them out…



Tuleh (okay so they are not quite dots)


Jill Stuart






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