Francisco Costa

Francesco_costa Tonight I went to a lecture sponsored by the Otis College of Art and Design. Sounds lame, but it’s not.

The fashion program has a highly touted mentorship program where well-respected designers teach a class (often remotely) of seniors. Otis throws a big bash at the end of the year where the kids show off their designs: full fashion show, the works, it’s actually really good and really bling.

Calvin Klein’s Creative Director Francisco Costa is a mentor this year.

Rosemary Brantley interviewed him, talk-show style, about everything from his youth in Brazil where his sisters wore "very simple things, lot’s of white" to his voyage to New York where he studied at Hunter College (he didn’t speak English), to FIT (he was a continuing Ed. student until he got a scholarship), to working for Bill Blass, then Oscar de la Renta, then for Tom Ford at Gucci, then back to NYC to be the Senior Designer and later Creative Director for Calvin Klein. Phew! That’s a lot.

Costa struck me as a gentle man. He admitted that loved working with fabric and hated being with people at parties, press things…"not things like these!"

He also gave out a couple zingers like, "The fashion world is awful" and the most important characteristic for success is "persistence."

Afterward Elle Magazine sponsored cocktails and grub and lots of rich woman who wore his clothes crowded around him. The cute little fashion students where everywhere too, wearing lots of opaque red tights and sporting messy hair.



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