Gen Art Friday

I checked out the Gen Art Show on Friday and brought three friends (a VC, a lawyer and a computer programmer) in tow.

They just stood in a corner and asked, "Who are these people?" Hell if I know.

There are always masses of people who seem super excited to be there, but are clearly completely unattached to the product (kind of like my three friends). Sponsors often get tons of tickets. 

I thought that the show was fantastic this year. I prefer this venue to the Santa Monica Airport; it’s smaller and more contained.



The French born designer created lots of austere looks with an architectural bent. I especially liked these high waisted super short shorts. I suspect that high waisted will be HUGE in the fall. The clothes were wearable and played with shape and form. A very clean controlled collection.


Mintee: I’ve been interested in this designer for a while. I know that she also has a handbag collection. Mintee Kalra’s got major cred with a degree from Central St. Martins (where Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen studied). I thought the clothes were clever and worked nicely with dimension and texture. Many of her dresses were embellished with large stones creating a topographical effect. Her clothes are a bit more dressy than Alms and very feminine.


Hazel Brown: Sadly, I can’t say much about these clothes because the lighting was so low I had a hard time making out fabrics textures and shapes. Also the women sat a lot in the installation, which meant that it was hard to make out silhouettes and fit. However, the installation did channel an interesting mood, I kept thinking of Hansel and Gretel and witches, but perhaps that’s just the name. I’ve always thought that the name Hazel reminded me of a witch! (Sorry Julia Roberts!) 


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