Bobbing Along on the bottom of the beautiful Briny Sea

Okay, so my boyfriend has finally gotten me hooked on the Google Reader and I think I now understand what people want from this blog thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, you want cute tidbits from my daily life of weird adventures in the world of fashion, Los Angeles and beyond. I think I can oblige…strange stuff seems to happen all the time these days.


This weekend I took my second sailing lesson. As we’re embarking (I still don’t have the lingo down), the next thing I know the instructor is in the water. He’s treading water, but he doesn’t look like he can swim, and he’s got this huge beer belly, and we’re just standing there on the boat looking at him, before it swings around and slams into another boat across the way. Leaves a nice ding too. A bunch of people come out of the other boats and they’re half laughing–at first. But they can’t get the instructor out either, finally he swims to the other side and two guys haul him out of the water and he gets in the boat and off we go–with the motor on. Then we’re sailing and he heads over to the bow (that’s the front of the boat), actually I should say lumbers over to the bow before shrieking, "let out the mainsail! Let out the mainsail!" We let it out and he comes over to the cockpit and tells us that he was about to loose his footing over there as well. Then he proceeds to tell us that if we knew how to sail that little incident in the harbor never would have happened. Is it just me, or are we trying to learn here? At the end of the lesson he marched up to the other instructor to tell him that he fell in. We also learned that he had never fallen in the water in 15 years of teaching. Sweet.

Basically this brings up bad memories because in college when I took sailing and I crashed into a yacht and left a big black mark. Two for two!

Other weird and exciting tidbits. My neighbor told me that there is a strange homeless person walking around our complex and knocking on the doors and telling the tenants that there is a ghost living in our house. I hope it doesn’t live in my place!



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