Little Seed

My childhood idol Punky Brewster (and I’m thinking of dressing as Punky for Halloween), has just opened a brand new store filled chock a block eco-friendly baby products called Little Seed. It’s a little strange to think that your childhood idols–perhaps peers–I think she’s a bit older than me–are on their second, third and fourth children.

Another funny thing about L.A., all the former child-stars have boutiques. It’s like the pasture land for ex-actors. I’ve written about former Baywatch babes, people from the Facts of Life, Different Strokes and The Office launching new boutiques. It’s a refugee ground for former workers in the Industry.

That reminds me, Tara Reid’s brother used to have a boutique a couple of blocks away from my apartment. I used to go by and check out his merchandise. He was always in there, manning his shop. No hired help for him. Sadly, I think it moved or went out of business. Running a store for the long haul is not something for the meek. A really nice guy though.


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