Perfume and All that Jazz

Some days I think I have a an interesting life. On Saturday, I attended a perfume seminar. It was set in the cafe at Fred Segal (I’m sure they have a fun name for the shop like Fred Segal caffeinated), with tons of tables and coffee, juices and glamorous looking ladies squashed into a tiny room. But the real fun started when Ron Robinson, the owner of Apothia, a beauty store within Fred Segal, got up and talked about his inspirations while designing perfume, followed by Gary McNatton who designed fragrances for GAP. McNatton spoke eloquently about what scents inspired him–he has a thing for mangoes. Then the head of marketing for Givaudan spoke about the coming fragrances for the new year and they passed around five scent sticks to sniff. Givaudan is French company where most designer fragrances are conceptualized and created. What I found most cool about the company is that they have a perfume school were students can attend–for free!–and learn the ropes of making perfume. On the downside you have to be invited, so I’m guessing that my fleeting dream of becoming a perfumer is totally out in left field. Pierre Negrin, a perfumer for Givaudan spoke about each fragrance and explained what ingredients made up the top notes, the middle and the "Dry out."  Negrin made scents like Calvin Klein’s Truth for Men, Ralph Lauren’s, Polo Black, and Estee Lauders’s Unforgivable and Estee Lauders’s Tom Ford Black Orchid. My favorite was a scent tentatively called (all these were still in production) Rare liExir, a floral scent (I don’t normally like floral scents), that made me think of a chic woman from France. It was riotous and flower, complicated and heady–whatever that means.
Without further ado, these are the five trends they presented:
1. Green Power–It smelled green but had kind of a nutty kick.
2. Intoxicating Remedies–This is the only one that I didn’t like as much.
3. True Luxe–The floral scent that made me think of France.
4. Cybereality–My mother kept saying coconut oil! Coconut oil! when she sniffed this. There was no coconut oil. It smelled youthful to me. 
5. Whiteness of Being–Very clean, made me think of New York.

One other super cool thing that they showed us was a video they used as inspirational tool. Check out this link. It’s worth it, I promise!

Dove Video about Beauty


One response to “Perfume and All that Jazz

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