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Battle of the Nutcrackers

I just find it so odd that they would make something as benign and fluffy as the Nutcracker sound so aggressive. BATTLE OF THE NUTCRACKERS-THIS SUNDAY AT THE COW PALACE (echoing sounds)…It’s just like "Monster Monster Trucks, this Sunday at the Cow Palace…"

In seriousness though, I’ll probably watch.




Viewers Vote for Favorite Production at;
Viewers’ Choice Winner Revealed On-Air on Christmas

Lineup Includes "The Nutcracker" Productions by
Matthew Bourne,
Mark Morris, George Balanchine, and the Bolshoi Ballet

The contenders:

Sunday, December 2, 8PM ET/PT (with encore

Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker!
In this
special television version of Matthew Bourne’s contemporary interpretation of
Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker the classic is re-imagined through the
inventive set and costume design of Andrew Ward and music direction of Brett
Morris. The production follows Clara on a hilariously bleak Christmas Eve at an
Orphanage to a magically whimsical world of Sweetieland where she passes through
Oliver Twist, the Ice Capades and the kaleidoscopic fantasy of Busby Berkeley
musicals. Adam Galbraith, trained at London Contemporary Dance School, stars in
the title role while Etta Murfitt plays Clara. Shot for television by Tony
Award-winning director-choreographer Matthew Bourne.

Monday, December
3, 8PM ET/PT (with encore presentations)

Bolshoi Ballet: The

The Bolshoi Ballet revives the classic Christmas
production of The Nutcracker, which was first performed at the Bolshoi
Theatre in Moscow in 1919. This production of the ballet features the entire
Tchaikovsky score, including the Waltz of the Snowflakes and the Pas De Deux of
the Sugar-Plum Fairy and the Prince. Choreographer Yuri Grigorovich focuses on
the pure dancing skills of Bolshoi principal dancers Natalya Arkhipova and Irek

Tuesday, December 4, 8PM ET/PT (with encore

Mark Morris: The Hard Nut
Mark Morris
sets his production in 1960s American suburbia. With modern characters like G.I.
Joe and Barbie Dolls, and dances including the polka, hokey pokey, stroll and
the waltz, Hard Nut is an updated and playful changeup on the classic.
The presentation was shot by acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning director Matthew

Wednesday, December 4, 8PM ET/PT (with encore

George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker

Macaulay Culkin stars in the title role of the first feature film of
"The Nutcracker." Directed by Academy Award®-winning director Emile Ardolino,
featuring Darci Kistler and narrated by Kevin Kline, this Peter Martins staging
of the classic fairytale follows the original George Balanchine


Geren Ford Sample Sale

Good Stuff:

Who: Geren Ford

What: The 2nd of our twice yearly sample/overstock
sales – merchandise will be from $20.00 – $200.00
When: December 7th 4pm – 8pm & December 8th 12noon
– 3pm
Where: Geren Ford corporate offices downtown LA 453
South Spring Street, 8th floor (signs will be posted) corner of 5th street &
Spring Street downtown.
Payment Accepted: Cash & Credit Cards only
Information: (we will be posting
information about directions and parking etc on the site for further inquiry if

Another Sale

Welcome Hunters is one of my favorite new discoveries. The boutique has an intellectual emphasis– stocking mostly Scandinavian lines of the Avant Garde genre. They might be a bit too edgy for my own personal style, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Their Black Friday sale begins today and ends Sunday night.

*All current season items are 30%

*All summer items are 60 – 80%
454B Jung Jing Rd
Los Angeles CA 90012

An Online Denim Sale!

Okay, got to be honest, I don’t know much about the line Soviet Jeans, but here’s a little online sale to give you a sweet 50 percent off.

Soviet Denim

Offer ends midnight, Nov 26th:
Code: "turkey"

Maybe I’m mean but…

I thought this was one of the more hilarious press releases I’ve ever received. To save you, gentle reader, from excessive info, I’ll just take out some choice bits for your enjoyment.


– the first publication to focus

on the domestic staffing individuals who manage the mansions and demanding
schedules of the rich & famous

Right there, my jaw just about dropped.

"Dedicated domestic staff members also contribute their personal stories on a
regular basis so readers can experience first-hand what life is really like
working within the privileged world of the rich and famous."

Just from a business standpoint, I can’t imagine how this idea ever made it out of committee (unless it was staffed by a bunch of chimney sweeps who can’t wait to get out of London and into the big time).

  1. People who work as assistant types (and I’ve done a little bit of time in that category) probably don’t want to relive those moments.

2. How much money can the masses of people obsessed with celebrity laundresses and manicurists make? What a niche.
3. I get my occasional Life & Style fix, but I’m not interested in the people who do celebrities dirty work.

4. Magazines tend to be aspirational–are we teaching our society to lower our expectations further?

"Someday son, you too can spray tan Brad Pitt." Yeech.


Los Angeles Cashmere Sample Sale


Raw 7 sometimes does that patterned tatooed cashmere look so favored by women who get mani-pedis all the time and hair extensions.

Speaking of which, my hairdresser (who is French) dressed as one of those mani-pedi women for Halloween. She kept saying "Oh my Gawd!" and flicking her red extensions (she’s got brown hair) out of her eyes. Half of the clients thought she looked cute. It was hilarious.

Anyway, back to the sample sale… you can probably get some good deals!


What:             Raw 7 will hold its
first-ever sample sale Friday, November 16 downtown. This is the first
opportunity for the general public to get the opportunity to purchase highly
coveted Raw 7 cashmere at extremely reduced prices well below

When:             Friday, November

10:00 a.m. –
4:00 p.m.

Where:            900 S. Main
Street, Penthouse

, CA

(2nd floor of the
Union Bank building)

Hundreds of styles and designs in a
complete size range of men’s and women’s cashmere sweaters (hoodies, crewnecks
and V-necks), button down shirts and t-shirts all marked down up to 50 percent
below wholesale. Cash and credit cards accepted.


Cashmere Hoodies:             Originally
$340. . .Marked down to $100

Cashmere Crewnecks:        Originally $320.
. .Marked down to $75

Cashmere V-necks:              Originally
$320. . .Marked down to $75

Button Down Shirts:             
Originally $315. . .Marked down to $40

Graphic T-shirts:                   
Originally $88. . .Marked down to $15

About Raw

Raw 7 offers the utmost in
rock-and-roll influenced luxury apparel for affluent men and women who aren’t
afraid to be noticed. Crafted of the finest materials including baby-soft
cashmeres and buttery soft leathers, Raw 7 includes tops with irreverent
graphics and embellishments, limited-edition and ultra exclusive outerwear and
jackets from 7th Asylum by Raw 7, and distinctive intarsia knits with
crystals and leather appliqués from Royalty by Raw 7. With a long list of
celebrity endorsers and top tier distribution at the world’s best department and
specialty stores, Raw 7 is the epitome of attitude with an edge.