Los Angeles Cashmere Sample Sale


Raw 7 sometimes does that patterned tatooed cashmere look so favored by women who get mani-pedis all the time and hair extensions.

Speaking of which, my hairdresser (who is French) dressed as one of those mani-pedi women for Halloween. She kept saying "Oh my Gawd!" and flicking her red extensions (she’s got brown hair) out of her eyes. Half of the clients thought she looked cute. It was hilarious.

Anyway, back to the sample sale… you can probably get some good deals!


What:             Raw 7 will hold its
first-ever sample sale Friday, November 16 downtown. This is the first
opportunity for the general public to get the opportunity to purchase highly
coveted Raw 7 cashmere at extremely reduced prices well below

When:             Friday, November

10:00 a.m. –
4:00 p.m.

Where:            900 S. Main
Street, Penthouse

, CA

(2nd floor of the
Union Bank building)

Hundreds of styles and designs in a
complete size range of men’s and women’s cashmere sweaters (hoodies, crewnecks
and V-necks), button down shirts and t-shirts all marked down up to 50 percent
below wholesale. Cash and credit cards accepted.


Cashmere Hoodies:             Originally
$340. . .Marked down to $100

Cashmere Crewnecks:        Originally $320.
. .Marked down to $75

Cashmere V-necks:              Originally
$320. . .Marked down to $75

Button Down Shirts:             
Originally $315. . .Marked down to $40

Graphic T-shirts:                   
Originally $88. . .Marked down to $15

About Raw

Raw 7 offers the utmost in
rock-and-roll influenced luxury apparel for affluent men and women who aren’t
afraid to be noticed. Crafted of the finest materials including baby-soft
cashmeres and buttery soft leathers, Raw 7 includes tops with irreverent
graphics and embellishments, limited-edition and ultra exclusive outerwear and
jackets from 7th Asylum by Raw 7, and distinctive intarsia knits with
crystals and leather appliqués from Royalty by Raw 7. With a long list of
celebrity endorsers and top tier distribution at the world’s best department and
specialty stores, Raw 7 is the epitome of attitude with an edge.


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