Maybe I’m mean but…

I thought this was one of the more hilarious press releases I’ve ever received. To save you, gentle reader, from excessive info, I’ll just take out some choice bits for your enjoyment.


– the first publication to focus

on the domestic staffing individuals who manage the mansions and demanding
schedules of the rich & famous

Right there, my jaw just about dropped.

"Dedicated domestic staff members also contribute their personal stories on a
regular basis so readers can experience first-hand what life is really like
working within the privileged world of the rich and famous."

Just from a business standpoint, I can’t imagine how this idea ever made it out of committee (unless it was staffed by a bunch of chimney sweeps who can’t wait to get out of London and into the big time).

  1. People who work as assistant types (and I’ve done a little bit of time in that category) probably don’t want to relive those moments.

2. How much money can the masses of people obsessed with celebrity laundresses and manicurists make? What a niche.
3. I get my occasional Life & Style fix, but I’m not interested in the people who do celebrities dirty work.

4. Magazines tend to be aspirational–are we teaching our society to lower our expectations further?

"Someday son, you too can spray tan Brad Pitt." Yeech.



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