Playboy Mansion

I’ve received an invite to the Playboy Mansion. What do I do with that? Obviously, I’m a little bit curious. It’s the roadkill factor–I think. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

Today I’m cheerful because I’m reminded that there are other people out there in the world who love classical music. My friend Jon is holding a little mini-lecture series where each of our friends get up and lecture about something they know really well. Our first lecture is by our friend Chris who is a composer. He’s going to teach us how to conduct an orchestra. I used to play in an orchestra many years ago. It reminded of me of being inside a gigantic wheezing machine. Each part would moan and groan and come to life. And when it’s bad, it’s really bad.


2 responses to “Playboy Mansion

  1. “What do I do with that? ”

    goodreads employee perks?

  2. Michael, the day before I was supposed to go to this event, I came down with bronchitis and then pneumonia. Seriously.

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