Audrey Tautou, ready to pout for Chanel

I used to think that Audrey Tautou’s name was pronounced Audrey Tatoo. Alas, non, it’s "Tutu." Perhaps that’s more appropriate since she does have a rather balletic, otherworldly air about her. I really dig her bangs and the super sweet way she says "Oui" in the film Amelie. She sort of puckers up her lips and whistles as she says the word "Oui," ever so softly.

That kind of reminds me of an Italian girlfriend of mine who had the most incredible way of saying "Ciao." She would kind of sigh as she said it, and the word would start out at a high pitch before falling to a low whisper, sort of a lovely decrescendo, and then at the end of the greeting she would slump her shoulders. The boys would look at her and melt.

These sort of affectations were always so magical to me because when I’m speaking French or Italian (both languages I learned from surrogate mother figures), I’m just trying to get the word out there with some semblance of correct pronunciation and usage. The idea of using a word like a caress, a word that says five thousand things to five thousand different people, still strikes me as utter sophistication. Sometimes my Italian friend seemed vulnerable, other times excited, often bored; it was like this one beautiful note that you had to listen to very hard to figure out the real meaning.

I guess I could try saying "Thank you" or  "Excuse me" in a special mysterious way, but the thing is, it feels almost un-American to me. We just get things out there, say what we mean and be done with it.

Anyway, the reason why I decided to blog about Mademoiselle Audrey Tautou is because she’s been named the face of Chanel for the next "Advertising film," which will be directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet . From the press release, I’m left thinking that "Advertising film" must mean "TV ad," but I’m not entirely certain. The film will be released in


One response to “Audrey Tautou, ready to pout for Chanel

  1. I also thought it was pronounced tattoo as well. I discovered her in the movie Amelie thanks to netflix (THANKS!!!). That movie sent me over the top in finding a fantastic french film and also an incredible introduction to all that is Audrey Tatou. I have watched every film she has put out except for “Priceless”, which is coming shortly. She has such an expressiveness about her that transcends many other actors working today. I think she is a perfect fit for Chanel and will achieve the desired effect.
    I don’t know why but I think Alan Rickman would work well with Audrey. Both can have a melancholy affect on the screen at the same time as being completely charming. Anyways my 2 cents. Thanks for the site. keep up the good work.


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