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Mindy Weiss “The Wedding Book: The Big Book For Your Big Day”

Weddings are hell

Weddings are hell

The gospel of wedding books. I actually interviewed Mindy Weiss a few months ago for a wedding piece and I can see why she is Planner-To-The-Stars. There is something about her voice and tone that makes you really, really relaxed. Suddenly, my deadline meant nothing to me.

Anyway, I also used this book for my own wedding and found it superlative for it’s level of detail and scope. The timeline was extremely helpful. In all the other wedding books I noticed that the checklists were irrelevant and vague. Her planner definitely kept me on track. It was the perfect way to get some useful tips without paying the big bucks.

Buy the book here, at my favorite site, Goodreads!

My review is there as well.


Pixel Burst by Yves Behar

What is it with iconic designers and outdoor furniture? Lately it seems like the last frontier of furniture design. Philippe Starck told me once that he found outdoor furniture fascinating–particularly American outdoor furniture–because it was so ugly. He wanted to create something that would look just as lovely indoors as outside. Eh voila! The Robinwood Collection, which looks a little bit like French antiques made for a medieval jousting tournament, is awesome. 

Holy Yves!

Holy Yves!

Now Yves Behar enters the fray. Best known in my mind for designing the Bluetooth accessory The Jawbone, this new collection for Orange 22, entitled PIXEL BURST by Yves Behar, uses a series of holes to create a tessellated effect. The aluminum benches look surprisingly fresh and modern, without evoking any feeling of retro-kitsch. -Stylechica

Buy some benches here.

Olympic Fashion

All in all, the Americans presented themselves with a modicum of style this Olympics. A few highlights and low lights from Stylechica.


Pity about those shark suits. They’ve taken all the fun out of watching Olympic swimming. In fact, Stylechica predicts that as the years progress, we will see a marked slump in T.V. ratings for the sport. Phelps did grant photographers one photogenic moment when he peeled off his suit for the second half of the Freestyle 100 relay. Thank you Phelps.


Pink is for perfection

Natasia Liukin’s lovely pink leotard for the individual all-around competition was a breath of fresh air. Why shouldn’t she break away from the standard American pallet of red, white, and blue? It made her look more balletic and graceful than when attired in a shiny blue leotard. It was also a bit of an homage to her mother, the rhythmic gymnast.

There is something about the spaghetti swirl of stars and stripes on the leotards worn by the American gymnasts that makes them look like miniature WWF wrestlers. In Stylechica’s opinion, leotards should de-emphasize bulk and emphasize length and extension. Stylechica likes the scoop back of their leotards this year. It minimizes their little linebacker-like necks.

Stripes are not so sexy

Stripes are not so sexy.

Is it art deco? It’s not pretty, whatever it is.

Beach Volleyball:

Bikinis in the pouring rain. I feel like that might be the title to a movie that I've never seen.

Bikinis in the pouring rain. I feel like that might be the title to a movie.

Stylechica loves Kerry Walsh. She thinks that Walsh is one of the nicest girls on the planet, as well has having a killer serve. She also reminds Stylechica of a giraffe: the loping gait, long limbs, sweet expression. But seriously people, the teeny-weeny bikinis have to go. Perhaps swimming will be supplanted with volleyball.  Do we really think Kobe Bryant attended the gold medal match to see May-Treanor and Walsh’s blocking ability? And where is the gender equality? The men wear loose fitting shirts and shorts.