Pixel Burst by Yves Behar

What is it with iconic designers and outdoor furniture? Lately it seems like the last frontier of furniture design. Philippe Starck told me once that he found outdoor furniture fascinating–particularly American outdoor furniture–because it was so ugly. He wanted to create something that would look just as lovely indoors as outside. Eh voila! The Robinwood Collection, which looks a little bit like French antiques made for a medieval jousting tournament, is awesome. 

Holy Yves!

Holy Yves!

Now Yves Behar enters the fray. Best known in my mind for designing the Bluetooth accessory The Jawbone, this new collection for Orange 22, entitled PIXEL BURST by Yves Behar, uses a series of holes to create a tessellated effect. The aluminum benches look surprisingly fresh and modern, without evoking any feeling of retro-kitsch. -Stylechica

Buy some benches here.


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