Band of Outsiders

Scott Sternberg will be a mentor this year at the Otis College of Fashion and Design, which is pretty fabulous. Mentors act as creative directors for a project, then return to the class several times over the school year to critique the students’ designs. It goes without saying that the kids learn a ton from the process. I’ve observed one class taught by Diane Von Furstenberg and I have to say that it was mind-altering (and I’m not a trained fashion designer).

Sternberg is also happens to be one of my favorite men’s designers. Originally a CAA agent before he turned to fashion design, Sternberg’s line Band of Outsiders has a great west coast aesthetic (especially in his choices of fabric) that he pairs with a slimmer, more European, silhouette. The result is very chic and playful. I know the prepsters on the East Coast love his choices, but to me there is a subtle cheeky west coast thing hidden in there–very subversive and very cool.


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  1. Michael Economy

    E don’t give up!

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