Eau de Sleazy Man

Smell like mouthwash!

Smell like mouthwash!

I’ve been sampling an eau de toilette by Comptoir Sud Pacifique called Aqua Motu. If that name doesn’t put you off, it’s very much “sleazy-man’s-sweater-left-behind-in-a-club-in-Cannes.” I know that’s a long, roundabout way to describe a scent, but there you have it.

Once, I accidentally took home the wrong sweater from a club in Europe and it smelled of cologne and man’s sweat and when I put the sweater on (mistakenly of course), the man-sweat got on my skin and I couldn’t wash it off quickly enough. Yuck.

The notes in Aqua Motu are reportedly: algae, rosemary, ylang-ylang, pepper, patchouli, orange and cedar.

When I smell Aqua Motu, the first thing I smell is the pepper, then the algae, which kind of makes me think of disease and flu season, then something that reminds me of Irish Spring or mouthwash. No no no.



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