Jeweler Lulu Frost Headed To The West Coast This Weekend

img_2068I’m definitely a member of the “found objects” school. It’s fun to go antiquing, rummage through vintage (a nicer euphemism for “second-hand”) clothing and even better, go through your distant relative’s closets (I acquired an awesome vintage hat collection that way).

Jeweler Lisa Salzer, the force behind the line Lulu Frost, culls many of her influences from the past. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are made from objects that you might not immediately connect with jewelry. For example, she uses long-lost room numbers form the Plaza Hotel, cut-steel shoe buckles from the 1870’s, old-fashioned keys and locks, chandelier crystals and watch fobs.  Another designer who uses objects like these is the fantastic Sonia Boyajian.

Lisa comes to Fred Segal Melrose this Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. She will be making custom pieces from her collection of unusual objects. Come by for some shopping and a chance to meet the East Coast-based designer! -Stylechica.

P.S. Sorry, I could not resist the title. Actually, I think it’s rather restrained. I almost put “Frost Forecast For The West Coast This Weekend!”

Here is the invite!

Here is the invite!


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