Lulu’s Sweets Make Life Decadent

Wouldn’t it be nice to have biscotti delivered to you every morning? I got hooked on biscotti when I lived in Italy with a 79-year-old woman I called Nona. She was so frugal that she used to weigh the pasta everyday before she cooked it so we had no leftovers. I used to think she was trying to starve me to death because she would only give me three biscotti in the morning with a tiny espresso. Then I found the biscotti bag hidden in the china cabinet. It’s amazing I didn’t gain 50 pounds.

Mondel BreadLauren Harris of the online bakery LuLu’s Sweets makes a mean Mondel Bread, which are almond biscuits of Jewish origin. (“Mandlin” means almonds in Yiddish and “mandole” means almonds in Italian. There are other words to describe these cookies like Mandelbrot and Mandel Brod–aren’t languages fun?). Lauren uses a recipe handed down from her grandma, who fled Russia in 1918.

Lulu’s Sweets offers selections like lemon poppy seed, pistachio and dried cherries, and white chocolate. Other decadent offerings include her chocolate choc_chip_cookieschip cookies, smores_cookieschoc_toffee_matzasmores and chocolate toffee matzo. Wow.

I’ve sampled the goods. They’re delicious!



One response to “Lulu’s Sweets Make Life Decadent

  1. yum, i want a cookie now

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