Go Play at The High Desert Test Sites

Get in your car and hit the road. Can you smell the pavement heating up under the hot Los Angeles sun? Do you feel the dry Santa Ana winds beating against your face and hands? What are you listening to? Maybe something with a pulse like Snow Patrol or an old Serge Gainsbourg track…

Why not just keep driving? If you keep going further and further east you’ll hit an explosion of art in the high desert of Joshua Tree.

Work by Marnie Weber

Work by Marnie Webber

From Nov 7 to 9, as part of the 2008 California Biennial, you can attend the opening of the Wonder Valley Institute of Contemporary Art and view performances by the otherworldly Marnie Webber and the mystical Spirit Girls.

Organized by the Orange County Museum of Art and produced in tandem with LAXART, other artists featured include: Hannah Greely, Jonathan Hernandez, Patrick Jackson, Alice Konitz, Joel Kyack, Ann Magnuson, Thom Merrick, Yoshua Okon, Jack Pierson, Ry Rocklin, Julia Scher and Amy and Wendy Yao.

Silencer by Hannah Greely

Silencer by Hannah Greely


To get to HDTS from Los Angeles:
(approx. 2+ hours)
*Take the 10 east
*Drive approx 1.5 hours (to the windmill fields)
*Exit on Hwy 62 (29 Palms Hwy)
*Take 62 (29 Palms Hwy) east towards 29 Palms.
*The sites are located between Yucca Valley and Wonder Valley – An updated map will be posted before the
next event, and directions to the HDTS HQ will be listed on the home page.

This was at the bottom of the invite. Doesn’t it sound a little bit exciting?

The High Desert Test Sites is a multi-site event in the high desert. Attendance
is at your own risk. By attending the HDTS, you agree to assume sole responsibility

for any risk and to release anyone associated with the HDTS, the CB08, and LAXART cause while in the desert.

For more information on LAXART: www.laxart.org
For more information on High Desert Test Sites: www.highdeserttestsites.com
For more information on the Orange County Museum of Art and the 2008 California Biennial: www.ocma.net


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