Doubly Luxurious–Kilian Hennessy and Sophie Matisse

bottles-s-matisseIt’s a familial affair. This November, Kilian Hennessy (grandson of the founder of LVMH) and Sophie Matisse (granddaughter of Henri Matisse) worked together to create limited edition packaging for Kilian’s superbly refined perfumes. The bottles are hand-painted by Sophie.

kilian_hennessy_1Kilian is by far one of my favorite interviews. He’s unpretentious and hyper-intelligent, pleasant and sophisticated. His perfumes are made with the finest ingredients and his complicated scents reflect his perfume pedigree. Previously, he worked for Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani. My favorite scent is Liaisons Dangereuses. The fragrance smells of Damascus roses followed by a spicy, almost Indian finish, coupled with an after-scent that smells vaguely powdery. I would describe the perfume as part mezze, part courtyard garden in Seville, and part rose-filled chapel.

boxmatisseSophie Matisse began her career interpreting “La Gioconda,” and has exhibited all over the world. The limited edition bottles of perfume ($1,500) are beautifully abstract with a kaleidoscope of colors that come up nicely against Kilian’s silk-lined black lacquer boxes. Check them out for yourself!

Buy a bottle of Perfume as Art at:

Bergdorf Goodman, NY

Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills

Saks Fifth Avenue, Las Vegas

Saks Fifth Avenue, South Coast Plaza

Saks Fifth Avenue, San Francisco

Holt Renfrew, Toronto

Harvey Nichols, London

Le Bon Marche, Paris


One response to “Doubly Luxurious–Kilian Hennessy and Sophie Matisse

  1. Kilian fragrance is the best!! I wear “Dont be shy” and I get lots of compliments.It is unique and sexy! I would love to meet Kilian,will he be in the bay area any time soon? Stacie

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