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Sonia Boyajian

My favorite jewelry designer in Los Angeles. Check out her work at


Sweatergirls’ Delight: Lia Molly

Designs by Lia Molly used to be sold at Anthropologie (remember when all the knits at Anthropologie were fresh, modern and new?) before this knitwear gal moved to New Orleans to be a part of that city’s renaissance. Her M.O. is to promote earth-friendly, organic practices through her apparel, and her Victorian-inspired designs make me think of a pair of natty, bo-ho gals in Maine. Basically, these looks go great with a good book and a pair of glasses.

  • I like how this bolero is so much more feminine than the garment’s prototype–a bullfighter in the ring.

Donghia’s Carosello Lamp

West Week at the Pacific Design Center is coming up so I thought I’d take a preview trip. I love this Carosello lamp from the Donghia showroom, which is made out of Murano glass. Murano glass was originally heated and hand-blown in Venice. However the process (it takes two weeks to fire-up the ovens for production) caused so many blazes that the factories were relegated to the island of Murano. Perfect Symmetry

Ski Chic

I know that these designs are a little bit old, but I still think that Pucci’s take on ski apparel is fantastic. I would love to rocket down the slopes in one of these killer outfits. Emilio Pucci and Rossignol Sketch

Ballet Dancers do Beyonce…in Don Quixote Costume.


A lovely line repped by my friend Henri!


Something Pretty

I was going through a bunch of old files and CDs and I found these. They are credited to Brunschwig & Fils 2007. Luke ReichleMary Vogt