I love style and design that incorporate the natural world

I’m the editorial director and co-founder of Goodreads.com. I’m also an arts, style, and culture journalist based in Los Angeles.

I’ve written for Time Magazine, The Los Angeles Times Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Women’s Wear Daily, Dance Magazine, C Magazine, Architectural Digest.com and The Robb Report, among others.

Previously I’ve been a ballet dancer, a slave at a fashion house in Paris, and a pre-med student.

I currently use this blog to post published work, but in the past I occasionally added various tidbits about fashion, wine, culture, art and more!

If you’d like to reach me please email lamode@gmail.com



One response to “About

  1. Hey Elizabeth,

    Your Goodreads profile mentions that you are a romantic; might I suggest you add rennaissance woman to that description? I enjoy this blog a bunch and plan to buy a bottle or two of Prada infusion d’Homme because of it. My mother will love you for helping me take steps (no matter how infintesimal) to secure a mother for her grandchildren. Thank you for making an old woman happy and young ones targets for my amorous overtures.
    You’ve got a new subscriber in me. Keep reading, writing and living passionately. You are an inspiration. I will endeavor to keep up the good fight on this side of the country.

    Yours truly,

    Rolls Andre

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