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Milly Announces Ecommerce on their website.

Kaleidoscope print, asymmetrical cocktail dress with bow waist, $335

I’m glad to see that the fashion industry is slowly catching up with that whole “crazy Internet thing.” When I was at a fashion house in Paris many years ago, they turned their noses up at the mere idea of the Internet. But then again, they turned up there noses at a lot of things.

Milly buyers can now show the collection directly, which makes complete sense. Her collection is chic yet playful. The site also includes backstage images from the show. Enjoy!

I’ve long wondered why the big houses haven’t yet created this functionality on their sites. After all, rogue factories are busy knocking off those looks from the moment the images hit the web.  I wonder if the industry will eventually have to move the shows closer to the action season to complete with all the fast fashion knock-offs that scoop the collections.

Does anyone know how much leeway time is available? Are the fall shows in February because the factories/distributors/retails really need that much time to get the clothes produced?


The lovely Milly designer Michelle Smith. She created the brand with Andrew Oshrin.

The studio!


Sonia Boyajian’s Autumn/Winter Jewelry Collection–A Sneak Peek!

The best thing about Sonia, apart from the fact that she’s a phenomenal designer, is that she’s FUN.

I remember prowling around her studio when she was developing these pieces. I thought that they were particularly graphic for her and she told me that they were inspired by M.C. Escher. You can see his influence.  www.soniabstyle.com

Nomade Exquis Curated Objects

I’m aware that I’m lax about updating this blog. If you really want to know, I’ve been working on a novel for the past year and I’m excited to say that the revised draft is nearing completion. Hopefully, I’ll start shopping it around this Spring.

Apart from the countless hours I’ve spent in coffee houses and my office, mulling over plot points and learning the nuances of my characters’ eccentric hobbies,  I’ve been writing occasional pieces about fashion, the arts, etc.

I’m going to make a renewed effort to share these pieces.

Here’s a short item I wrote for the Fall Fashion issue of Angeleno. I spent a lovely afternoon with the polished and thoughtful Maureen and her jewels. 

A Pretty Spring ’10 Collection by Theory

Theory’s Spring collection is so fresh and light: white saddle shoes, nautical stripes, navy slacks, trouser pants.

Warehouse Sample Sale in Los Angeles: Dec. 18-20

Showroom Seven Sample Sale in Los Angeles: Dec. 9 to 23

One of my favorite sample sales in Los Angeles
Orla Keily, Issa of London and more!

WHERE: Showroom Seven, Cooper Building, 860 S. Los Angeles Street, Mezz 3, Los Angeles, CA 90014
WHEN: Dates: Wednesday, December 9th – Wednesday, December 23rd (Closed weekends)
TIME: 10 am – 9 pm
PHONE: 212 643 4810

PERCENTAGE OF DISCOUNT: Wholesale and below, up to 90% off retail

BRANDS INCLUDE: Orla Kiely, Erickson Beamon, Issa London, Tony Cohen, Rockstar Jeans, Tony Cohen, Andy & Debb, Hollywood Trading Company, Sharon Wauchob and more!

SAMPLE SALE HIGHLIGHTS (pictures attached):
Orla Kiely – Maxi-sling in Multi-stem print / Retail $195 – our price – $101
Orla Kiely – Oversized Multi-stripe T-shirt dress / Retail $140 – our price – $72
Erickson Beamon – Lock & Key long charm necklace / Retail $1000 – our price $372
Issa London – 3/4 Sleeve silk jersey print dress / Retail $625 – our price $325
Hollywood Trading Company – Wonder stripes studded leather belt / Retail $350 – our price $182
Tony Cohen – Draped silk chiffon printed dress / Retail $650 – our price – $330

Rebecca Minkoff New York Sample Sale: Nov. 18th-22nd