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Go Greased Lighting–Look slick with some shiny, black leggings

Yes, it’s true. Those shiny, black leggings that you probably remember from Grease are suddenly all the rage.

Thunder thighs will be cited and towed

Warning: Thunder thighs will be cited and towed

I first spotted two girls wearing these leggings on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard in September, which isn’t exactly the most logical place for an urbane trend like this one. However, the two girls looked like they came out of central casting for Gossip Girl. They had long blond hair that hung down to their waists, lugged gigantic Louis Vuitton suitcases, and spoke to one another with heavy Russian accents. Surrounded by people in Red Sox apparel and a kids ice hockey team, the two girls looked like creatures from another planet. They were certainly not wearing the shiny leggings to protect themselves from Hurricane Kyle, which was rocking the ferry with record winds. I wonder if those things are waterproof…probably not.

Fashion-wise, I think they can be pretty cute. Black leggings are always flattering and you can style them up or down. -Stylechica

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A few more fun images:

Everyone's doing it, why won't you?